Returning to a State of Just Wondering…

It seems like forever since I’ve been writing here on Just Wondering… In the same sense my time of sharing my thoughts on SE Calgary News over the last three months came and flew by. During that time a friend of mine asked if I would share some of my articles here on Just Wondering so I thought I would return to my reflections on Ecclesiastes as well as interjecting them with some of the articles I wrote for SE News.

Life has been busy here not only with work but with our involvements in our Expressions Community. Anyways, as an opener I thought I would just share some musings which have poked my life as of late!

I have been reading this. – It seems an odd choice I know for my Missional friends but has offered me an argument to wrestle with; if for nothing else the willingness to let the “other side be heard”.

I have been listing to this. – I have come to love this band and would welcome the opportunity to go and hear them live anytime!

I think this is the most incredible thing I have ever seen and only hope I might get to take the great leap myself one day… oh’ya, one day!

I am going to this.

I can’t wait for this.

I am Just Wondering… what is God going to do next?!


3 thoughts on “Returning to a State of Just Wondering…

  1. hey erik good to see ya back here buddy!!!

    guess what i finally finished posting stuff on my blog and the link should be below im interested in hearing what you need to say about what i’ve posted thus far, peace buddy Timbo

  2. Dude, still love this video-clip – gotta love Rick Mercer’s job. Seriously, how do I sign up for that?

    Wanted to run two things by you…
    1. I, hopefully, fixed my blog-site, so check it out and let me know.
    2. I’m still looking forward to your book – if you need an editor, I can read it with a red-crayon in hand. 😉

    Take care, bro.


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